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What is Authentic Movement ?

Authentic Movement is a wise and generous teacher... the unbroken wholeness of our being." - Zoe Avstreib

Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound process between a Mover and a Witness.  The Mover closes eyes and follows inner impulses. Listening deeply to inner stirrings the mover brings un/preconscious material through the body into consciousness.  The Witness sits eyes open and tracks their own experience in relation to the mover and notices their projections, interpretations and judgements.  The Witness holds the consciousness or container particularly in the beginning.

This practices develops presence and can be used for therapy, personal growth, a spiritual practice or  as creative material for art projects.

Authentic Movement Australasia leads by Anne Hurst and Connor Kelly to provide courses (in person or online) and supervisors in the practice.

Meet Anne and Connor

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Peter A Levine, PhD on Shame - Interview by Caryn Scotto D'Luzia

The great Peter Levine - naming our Modality - Authentic Movement!! As he talks about uncovering and discovering the authentic Self in movement. This interview was done courtesy of Caryn Scotto D'Luzia, founder of the SOAR Method and Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation.

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