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Dance Therapy dialogues Episode #9

With Erica Hornthal

We discuss dance/movement therapy all over the world and the method of physical storytelling.


Interview with Tamara Berdofe

An intimate interview series with the primary intent to get to know the Global Authentic Movement community both Seasoned & Novice practitioners.

Interviews that embrace the relationship among our Global Authentic Movement Community

Yoga at Home

Authentic Movement has become a sacred moving meditation, where I learned to trust the process of moving silently from my heart. Having Connor as a compassionate guide, as well as a witness during an authentic movement course made me feel relaxed and at home within my body and the surroundings. Shifting then the AM course from an in-person session towards virtual retreats and online workshops did not change my embodied practise. Instead, I feel the AM online structure increased my experience due to the feeling of universality while each group member and the gift of connecting with other people from around the world and each person's rich and meaningful sharing.

(From D. L. New Zealand )

I really appreciate Connor allowing me to come and play! I love the way she facilitates!  Her loving, caring, openness, flexibility-within-the-structure and her absolute delight at what she's doing are so wonderful!! I love her movement topics and she demonstrates all of those so beautifully!!!

(From B K, Southern California)

Wellness Coach
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