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​Authentic Movement practice and training

Aims/Outline of Course


This course will develop your skills and knowledge in Dance/Movement therapy through the core modality of Authentic Movement. 

Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound process between a Mover and a Witness.  The Mover closes eyes and follows inner impulses. Listening deeply to inner stirrings, the mover brings un/pre-conscious material through the body into consciousness.  The Witness sits eyes open and tracks their own experience with the mover and notices their projections, interpretations and judgments.  The Witness holds the consciousness or container, particularly in the beginning.

This course supports this flexible modality for personal and professional development, especially for those in the helping professions. As a tool for well being, Authentic Movement directly develops; mindfulness - in motion and stillness, exploring creative/ artistic impulses and ritual, self-understanding/ insight into own embodiment patterns, stress release /reduction through body movement, empathy and compassion for self and other in authentic body-mind relationships, and as a spiritual/ mystical practice. 

There will be a focus on understanding this movement practice as a creative /therapeutic modality with different populations for those in the helping professions.  You will build skills in individual, dyadic and group practice.


Dance/movement therapy tools will be taught and incorporated, e.g. movement analysis, assisting in understanding the form within a therapeutic framework. A small group form (approx 6 people) will allow for individual development and support, developing peer exchanges and reflection and support a trusting and containing wellbeing experience.


The course will develop through three phases; first deepening embodiment as a mover, then developing compassionate silent witnessing skills (self/other)  then articulating and practising supportive, structured insight dialogue and other verbal interventions, therapeutic movement rituals, and understanding and structuring options in the form for different therapeutic situations.

Key Learnings:

  1. Developing increased kin-aesthetic awareness, body connectivity, insight into own movement patterns, sensitivity to polarities (will and surrender) metaphors and meanings.

  2. Ability to track and describe movement in detail as both a mover and witness. Developing understanding and language of Laban movement analysis, Bartenieff movement patterns, and Kestenberg tension-flow rhythms.

  3. Understand and practice layers and levels of witnessing skills;  silent, speaking, present tense language, working with metaphors, polarities (when to contain and when to express).

  4. Understand and practice variations of the form and integration with dance/movement and arts therapies — use of drawing, active witnessing, archetypes and lenses of awareness; developing personal phrases/themes in the practice of authentic movement.

  5. Support to develop an individual plan using Authentic Movement for personal wellbeing, e.g. peers exchanges and/or for professional use, e.g. supervision, developing for clinical populations.


  • In-depth monthly two-hour training and practice online

  • Developing dyadic partnering work (minimum monthly) for further reflection and development in the group.

  • Two individual  practice/supervision sessions with Connor

  • Discount for the Authentic Movement Retreat (annually)

  • Certification of  16 hours personal/ professional development in a dance therapy form (May be used towards professional membership/development hours with Dance Therapy Australasia Association or certificate placement hours with Dance Therapy New Zealand.

Classes will run monthly.​ Proposed dates are 20 March, 10 April, 1 & 22 May, 12 June in 2021

If you are interested in this online practice:

Register here

Readings (supplied).

The Mover - Janet Adler

The Road in The Elements of the study and practice of Authentic Movement — Tina Stromsted and Neala Haze.

Authentic Movement as Well-Being Practice - Jane Bacon

Authentic Movement, in Insight Improvisation - Melding Meditation, Theatre, and Therapy for Self-Exploration, Healing, and Empowerment  - Joel Gluck.                      

Journeying between Will and Surrender in Authentic Movement, A Personal and Clinical Perspective.   - Marcia Plevin.  

Chest of Drawers - Alan Wasson

Authentic Movement - Practice and Training Group: Classes
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